Highway Travel Tours: First to Begin Offering Cannabis and Craft Beer Tours in the San Gabriel Valley

AZUSA/CALIFORNIA – February 14, 2019: Highway Travel Tours, a new cannabis and craft beer tours company, is preparing to launch later this month in the San Gabriel Valley. The company, based out of Azusa, California, plans on focusing on the support that helped pass the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) in 2016 and the growing and visible interests towards cannabis and craft beer across the nation.

“We’re really excited to begin these touring services. Perspectives on cannabis have really changed and for good reason. We look forward to opening and widening access to these scenes in our consumption-friendly shuttle,” said Isai Orozco, Co-Founder and Director of Communications and Outreach with Highway Travel Tours. “Now that voters in California legalized recreational cannabis in 2016, we want to provide fun and enjoyable tours where guests can safely enjoy themselves while we do the planning and driving.”

Amid the growing industries and interests in California surrounding cannabis, new and experienced consumers are having to become familiar and attentive about the enforcement of new regulations. According to existing law, any person driving a motor vehicle can face a fine of $100 if they possess not more than one ounce of cannabis. Users face the same fine if any open containers are present in a vehicle while in operation.

Beyond the legality of mere possession, defining, detecting, and measuring driving impairment from cannabis is proving to be difficult. While the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has suggested that there is little correlation between THC levels and driver impairment, a law proposed earlier this year by California State Senator Jerry Hill (D-Mateo) may result in the suspension of a driver’s license if any THC is detected in their system.

“Safety is our priority. While law enforcement in California refine and develop their laws involving drivers and cannabis, we want our tour participants to feel comfortable knowing that we’ve taken precaution to ensure their ability to consume in our tours,” said Isai Orozco.

Highway Travel Tours begins their tour services later this February with trips to dispensaries and breweries in the cities of Azusa, Covina, and Glendora.

About Highway Travel Tours
Highway Travel Tours is the first company in the San Gabriel Valley offering cannabis and craft beer tours to dispensaries and breweries. For more information, visit:

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