The Highway Travel Team

Our team consists of natives from across Southern California.

Each member is ready to guide you through the know-how in the beer and cannabis scene across Los Angeles.

Planning a visit to the area? Need some weekend plans? Our Travel-High dispensary tours and Well-Crafted microbreweries tours are arranged to cater to all audiences.

We also offer private tours for all your special occasions, like birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, company parties, and tailgating events.

Craft Beer Lovers

Highway Travel is built on the idea of providing others with the finest experiences involving California’s booming craft beer offerings. Our team has done all the arrangements for you. We have arranged tour routes taking you to regionally rich microbreweries that truly uphold the idea of craft beer. Our tours will expand both your beer palate and knowledge of locally produced flavors and trends. There is no better time than the present to come and indulge in the craft beer scene. Let our Well-Crafted Tours show you around. 

Recreational and Medicinal Marijuana Enthusiasts

Our vision is to create a community where people of all walks of life can enjoy cannabis like any other consumer product.

Brought together by our recreational and medicinal support for cannabis, we started Travel-High Tours to show others the beautifully fun, relaxing, and flavorful world of today’s scene in Southern California. We have gone through the groundwork of coordinating alongside dispensary and smoke lounge owners in the region to set up your trip. Throughout your trip, our guides will be there as your source of knowledge regarding cannabis in the region. 

Safety is our priority. 

Rest assured knowing that Highway Travel Tours considers the safety and laws regarding cannabis and beer shuttling its utmost priority. In conjunction with all regulations, please know that we abide by all laws permitting us to provide you with our services.

Our guides are also First Aid/CPR certified. Have questions about your upcoming tour? Reach out to us, and let us answer your questions. 

We are in compliance of CHP safety guidelines and authorized to operate by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). TCP-0038331-A.